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Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

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Flower market Bangkok – Thailand

We went for about 20 days on a trip to “our” beloved Thailand. I not even take more than 500 images but still the flower market images in Bangkok are a bit too much to squeeze them in with the others.

So ok it was Marias idea to visit the flower market – Pak Khlong Talat at around 35 Celsius to see “Flowers”. But honestly I have to say I enjoyed it. The vast amount of flowers and the creativity how they were arranged was great. It definitely worth to see if you are on the Chao Phraya river anyway and have seen a lot of Temples already.

Hiking Sibratsgfäll Vorarlberg – Austria

Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei31 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei01 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei02 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei03 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei04 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei05 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei06 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei07 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei08 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei09 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei10 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei11 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei12 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei13 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei14 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei15 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei16 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei17 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei18 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei19 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei20 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei21 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei22 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei23 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei24 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei25 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei26 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei27 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei28 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei29 Hiking Sibratsgfäll Austria Alm Sennerei30Hiking Trip from Sibratsgfäll to Schönenbach, Vorarlberg – Austria:
This is one of the standart hikes we do when weather is bad or the snow is still trapped in the mountains. Not too high in altitude but in a nice surrounding – scenery. At the end of the valley there is the village Schönenbach which is only inhabited in summertime. Famous for their milk and cheese we do not fail to restock some local made stuff there.

Sailing Trip – Amalfi Coast – Italy

italy amalfi coast 30 italy amalfi coast 01 italy amalfi coast 02 italy amalfi coast 03 italy amalfi coast 04 italy amalfi coast 05 italy amalfi coast 06 italy amalfi coast 07 italy amalfi coast 08 italy amalfi coast 09 italy amalfi coast 10 italy amalfi coast 11 italy amalfi coast 12 italy amalfi coast 13 italy amalfi coast 14 italy amalfi coast 15 italy amalfi coast 16 italy amalfi coast 17 italy amalfi coast 18 italy amalfi coast 19 italy amalfi coast 20 italy amalfi coast 21 italy amalfi coast 22 italy amalfi coast 23 italy amalfi coast 24 italy amalfi coast 25 italy amalfi coast 26 italy amalfi coast 27 italy amalfi coast 28 italy amalfi coast 29 italy amalfi coast b1 italy amalfi coast b2 italy amalfi coast b3


Sailing Trip – Amalfi Coast – Italy:
I hope you are not to desperate for a break and are close to go on holiday soon. Anyway I want to share with you some images I took on a sailing trip with some friends on the Amalfi coast. What can I say about it? Great to be on a boat, pick the nicest destinations, hop of the boat, enjoy some luxury, eg. fine food and hop back on the boat for solitude. Good discussions, jokes, drinks, weather, food, wind  – we had it all!

Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day

Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day01 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day02 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day03 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day04 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day05 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day06 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day07 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day08 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day09 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day10 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day11 Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day12Konstanzer Hütte 2nd Day:
Due a really high avalanche risk on this day and the extreme steep part on the last part to the  next mountain hut, the Mannheimer Hütte we decided to have a lazy day. Which started to go to the toilet with the snoeshoes on. Later that day we made a short trip without the heavy backpacks in the forrest not far from the hut. Returning we digged an Iglu for all four of us to gathered some skills to prepare shelters in the snow. The artist of our group carved some great faces out of candlewax. So this was really the day to relax and enjoy the easy way of living up there. What you need to be happy? Warmth, Food and  good company

Milano – Salone 2012 a great weekend

salone 2012 milano duomo installationsalone 2012 milano university salone 2012 milano - cafe, crodino and tramezzinisalone 2012 milano - lambrate salone 2012 milano - lambrate salone 2012 milano lambrate architecturesalone 2012 milano distelnsalone 2012 milano ripped folderssalone 2012 milano sander mulder containersalone 2012 milano - asparagus salone 2012 milano - camparisalone 2012 milano austin martin carsalone 2012 milano vongolesalone 2012 milano sea chair projectsalone 2012 milano sea chair lambratesalone 2012 milano - bar for sailors onlysalone 2012 milano - traffic sign salone 2012 milano campari sodaMilano – Salone 2012 what a great weekend:
Combining traveling with friends, meeting friends in Milano and having the Salone furniture fair with all its exhibitions and events around is a sure bet for a great weekend. Weather was fine as well, snow on the San Bernardino but as more we approached Milano it got warmer and warmer.  We were welcomed with some great wines and homemade pasta & vongole and the evening went quite into the morning. Next day we headed to the Lambrate area where you mostly see young designers and students showing their work to the world. A great vibe with amazing architecture and a great mix of exhibited objects. The Sea Chair Project and the works of Sander Mulder were the most memorable to me. Later that day we went to the Brera district for some shopping and due to the fact that you just have to look out for the read flags you can find art as much as you have capacity there as well. Milano is very special and you can find too much interesting stuff everywhere so I just posted some random images of the whole trip. Just one great last advice – save some money for the shopping in one of the Italian supermarkets before heading home – hmm awesome stuff as well. Hard to believe that just 3,5 hours southwards the food, fruits and vegetables are such at a different level …