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Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt

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Tellason Clampdown Denim Shirt

Somehow it seems that taking a new Tellason piece with me on vacation turns into a habit. While the images of the Tellason Ankara on the coast of Liguria at the end of Summer 2012 were somehow cheerful and sunny, the weather and the hills in Piedmont now were mostly nebulous (thats what the famous Nebbiolo (Barolo) grapes got their name from).

The weather fitted the planned use for the Tellason Clampdown 10.5 oz Denim shirt too well. While I would rate the Tellason Topper 7,5 oz Denim shirt as the perfect warm/all weather shirt, the Clampdown fills the gap when the temperature drops. Hardwearing denim, double and even triple seams, solid buttons and front pockets. As an upgrade to the topper shirt the clampdown got additional to the pen holder in the breast pocket an additional a knife holder. If you already own a Tellason Jean you might not having trouble to carry your knife in one of the spacious pockets but If you own a really nice knife – now you got the chance to show it.

Saint James x Twothirds naval shirt

Saint James + Twothirds naval shirt:
Walked by this great shirt at the Bread&Butter Summer 2013. Did you know that striped shirts were so popular by sailors be-cause they tend to be easier to be spotted when the went overboard + that classic marine striped shirts got 13 stripes. The shirt can be ordered for 100 Euro here. Enjoy to watch the Movie “UNE HISTOIRE D’EAU — MADE IN FRANCE” or the History of the sea/water.

Merz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt red

Merz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt red - paper bag ecke 32Merz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt red - boxedMerz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt red - colar and buttonsMerz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt red - box detailsMerz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt - logo label gefertigt in deutschlandMerz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt, mother of pearl buttonMerz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt red - cuffsMerz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt red, arm insertMerz b. Schwanen 206 button facing shirt - care labelMerz b. Schwanen, 206 button facing shirt red from Ecke 32:

Thanks to Maria for getting this shirt for me and thanks to Lars from Ecke 32 for having this great shirt in stock. See here some details which shows why Merz b. Schwanen is so unique.

Here an interview made by a german newspaper unfortunately only in german.

Nicely put into words the Overview from their website:

With the help of a traditional knitwear manufacturer based in the German Swabian Mountains, vintage fashion aficionado Peter Plotnicki revived the “old way of crafting clothes”.

Driven by his passion for traditional fabrication processes, he and the team created a collection garments solely made by 1920s-1950s circular knitting machines. All tops are based on authentic working man’s apparel ranging from the first decades of the 20th century to army shirts of the sixties — some slightly modified, some copied from the original piece down to the last seam.

Peter Plotnicki sets great store by the label “Made in Germany“: the trimming’s cotton fabrics, buttons, labels, hangtags, and packaging are German-made.

High quality traditional products — manufactured in Germany — without compromises!