Piedmont Italy 2013 short break

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We used the holiday last friday well and took a short break in Italy Piedmont. Here some random images which might describe the journey quite well. Italy and especially Piedmont is still the unmatched paradise (within Europe) when it comes to eating well (too well).

With a bit of common sense it´s easy to find the crowded places where people who like to eat well, gather together. Culture and a great landscapes / sceneries are within reach as well. We will be back for sure!

4 thoughts on “Piedmont Italy 2013 short break

  1. Moha

    Where did you eat such good stuff, I mean the name of the restaurant. I might go to northern Italy in the days to come.

    1. Alex Post author

      First of all get a copy of the michelin guide as a general rule if you plan to go to italy! Even if you do not plan to pay a lot for one and up to the three star restaurants. Areas which are polluted by Michelin Star ratings are surrounded by cheaper and good restaurants as well. And as a rule of thump, most good restaurants are located in a nice landscape/scenery. Easy to find with this guide by its really good rating system.

      For lunch it´s quite easy to find the good restaurants, just go by the villages around Barolo, Alba, Asti or Acqui Terme and look for a lot of cars between 12am and 2pm, thats where you should go. We never were wrong.

      Ok but if you really what to know two restaurants I would rate highly be-cause they were superb and quite cheap compared to the
      quality and taste of the food and the service:



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