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Passion France – Maria´s Laguiole

Passion France Laguiole Messer  194 Passion France Laguiole Knife Passion France Laguiole Messer  196 Passion France Laguiole Messer  197 Passion France Laguiole Messer  198 Passion France Laguiole Messer  199 Passion France Laguiole Messer  200 Passion France Laguiole Messer  201

Passion France – Maria´s Laguiole

The timing for the parcel by Passion France could not have been better. Right on the spot for Maria´s Birthday the shipment of her Survival Knife (ask Wolfgang why only a knife with a corkscrew is regarded by Frenchmen as a real survival knife).

At the B-74 5th. Anniversary Party we were presented the new Feinschmuck Collection right next to Passion France. Hmm, guess what the whole Feinschmuck team is now officially equipped with the finest knifes by Passion France. Thanks a lot to Sabine and Wolfgang.

Pollini High Heels

Pollini high heels 01 Pollini high heels 03 Pollini high heels 02 Pollini high heels 06 Pollini high heels 07 Pollini high heels 10 Pollini high heels 08 Pollini high heels 04 Pollini high heels 05 Pollini high heels 09Pollini high heels:
This is the story of Maria´s final choice for a classic black high heel by Pollini. Milano is great be-cause all the top brands have stores there and are quite close together. Equipped with a pair of Red Wings Pecos, easy to go back and forth to pick the final one – finally. What a great combination Red Wing + Pollini. 

Mary caught some Kretzer, Flußbarsch or Egli fish

Mary caught some Kretzer, Flußbarsch or Egli fish:
While I was struggling on Sunday with a “bit” of a hangover, Mary went fishing and caught not huge but a lot of Kretzer – Flußbarsch or Egli´s (i guess it is calle Perch). They were a bit too big to be eaten like sardines (the whole) but great in taste. Thanks a lot for this!


Ullr, Uller or Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck

Ullr, Uller, Wuldor Talisman by FeinschmuckUllr, Uller, Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck backsideUllr, Uller or Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck:

Last weekend I had my first regatta and was ment to be close to 20 hours on the lake. Maria from Feinschmuck gave me this silver Amulett/Talisman on that day.
The Ullr, Uller or also called Wuldor is an is an ancient nordic god from around the 3rd century. He is mostly shown with a bow and on skies. He is the god of glory, the winter, the hunt and the fight.
Check the english entry on Wikipedia for a very comprehensive explanation about him or the shorter in german.