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Not even a year since I started my new job as a boatbuilder but since then I learned a lot about boats.  Im blessed not only to work with my hands but also to get in touch with some of the finest boats on the globe. Thanks Sven for everything!

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Ullr, Uller or Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck

Ullr, Uller, Wuldor Talisman by FeinschmuckUllr, Uller, Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck backsideUllr, Uller or Wuldor Talisman by Feinschmuck:

Last weekend I had my first regatta and was ment to be close to 20 hours on the lake. Maria from Feinschmuck gave me this silver Amulett/Talisman on that day.
The Ullr, Uller or also called Wuldor is an is an ancient nordic god from around the 3rd century. He is mostly shown with a bow and on skies. He is the god of glory, the winter, the hunt and the fight.
Check the english entry on Wikipedia for a very comprehensive explanation about him or the shorter in german.