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Happy birthday mom – french forge de laguiole knife

happy birthday mom - birthday cakehappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife boxedhappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife, hallmarkhappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife, back and the fly or beehappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife - fly or bee detailhappy birthday mom - forge de laguiole knife closed

Happy birthday mom – French forge de laguiole knife:
Couldn´t post the images earlier be-cause I did not want to spoil her birthday present. Recently I was in France and I saw this beauty.  It´s hard to find a fitting present for her, but this time I think I hit it. She is into pocket knifes as well, and probably carry hers more often than I do. Im sure I inherited the fascination for knifes from her. At least she did not do anything against it – im glad for that.

But getting back to the forge de laguiole knife. I always wanted to have one and there is the saying that the best presents are the ones you struggle to let them go. It got a very elegant shape, perfect piece of craftsmanship and nice details. Love the bee or fly, the decoration cuts on the back of the blade and black, gold and silver matched so well together. I do not want to start to talk about the details of a original laguiole knife, there are others who are more versed to do so.

I wanted to check some details on the knife and she had to get it from her handbag. So it seems to be well accepted.