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Herder Buckelsklingen Messer / Knifes

Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 663 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 665 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 662 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 664 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 666 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 668 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 667 Herder Buckelsklingen Messer Carbon 669Herder Buckelsklingen Messer / Knifes

By being a non to sensitive guy and breaking a Herder Windmühlen Frühstücksmesser (bending it too much – like trying to drill out a shark on a flyfishing rod) I came into contact with Matthias van Reimersdahl. He is the guy you might have met, producing these great knifes live at the Manufactum Stores. He offered to make me a new one and replacing my old one. Recently not just one, two arrived one crafted with a plum wooden handle and the other had a cherry one.  On his calligraphic note he mentioned  enjoy the sharpness of the Buckelsklinge and not to cut myself.

They are sharp as hell and you might not find a more harmless looking knife, distributed as a breakfast knife who will let most of you blades leave behind speaking of sharpness. To even push the limits I gave one of the blades a treatment on my straight razor strop, and as you see I was able to get rid of some hair on my leg.

I have probably given close to 20 knifes to friends and my family as a present and all of those knifes turned into their No.1 kitchen knife afterward. I would rank this knife as a must have without hesitation – get one! If you regret it, I really would like to hear you point of view.

Thanks Matthias for these special knifes!

ready to crumble – rosinenbrötchen

ready to crumble - rosinenbrötchen for the weekend breakfast ready to crumble - rosinenbrötchen for the weekend breakfast butter and jamready to crumble – rosinenbrötchen:
Get ready for the weekend! Yesterday evening I put some flour, butter, milk, raisins, sugar, yeast, and vanilla in a pot and this morning the dough was ready to “Rosinenbrötchen”.
About 35 minutes at 160 C and 10 minutes at about 200 C with hot air (for the color) and
not only have saved you the time and money to queue in this morning at a bakery shop you also got the smell in the house.
Have a nice weekend !

(Notice the Herder Windmühlen Breakfast knife, a must have. Get in in carbon steel !)