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Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knife

Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 014 Herder Windmühlen Frühstücksmesser Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 016 Robert Herder Carbon Solingen Germany Breakfast Knife Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 018 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 019 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 020 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 021 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 022 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 023 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 024 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 025 Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knifes 026

Herder Windmühlen Breakfast Knife / Frühstücksmesser

Today at breakfast my little sister Greta complained about that she did not get a Frühstücksmesser from me YET! So I went into my inventory, got her one and engraved it. (ok i can work on this skills). Above you see 3 different aged ones, Geta´s brand new one, the one I use since about a year, and my first one used for about 2 years before I broke it.

Honestly having breakfast or performing with small amounts of sausage, cheese, butter and jelly/marmelade without this knife results in panic or unsatisfactionary results. Why?

1. They are sharp, not razor sharp (which is sure possible to get them that way) but sharp enough to cut fine slices of hard salami which most 3 times bigger chefknifes might struggle.

2. The “Buckelsklinge” shape of the tip of the blade is just perfect to distribute butter and other semi liquid stuff on your slice of bread.

3. The blade got sharpened all the way to the cutting edge not just a quick e.g. 45 degree angle which goes blunt too quickly. (it is called the Solinger Dünnschliff)

4. They just look great after some time of usage, no need to say you have to go for the carbon version!

5. They take some care but they are worth it! From time to time add some olive oil to the cherry tree handle and if too rusty just go with some steelwool over the blade (not the cutting area).

6. Never press too hard to press down cold “Leberwurst” or you might break the blade – shame on me.

Enough said, you might not be able to understand the use or the fascination for this knife before you have tried it, but I guarantee you and your friends and family will go after it. Make sure to protect it well or supply them. (I guess I gave already +20 of them away)

Ah and one simple and last advice, take care as I written above it is a sharp knife not as the Breafast knifes you used to use!

You might wonder why I did not have listed Manufactum (where I fist saw and bought this knife – they are out of stock) or Robert Herder Solingen (new website under construction).

Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214

Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214 Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214 Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214 Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214 Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214 Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214 Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214 Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214 Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214 Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214

Rowenta art deco chrome toaster E 5214:
A trust worthfull breakfast friend, works always.  Sometimes to well if you get distracted and forget to turn the slices. An all time classic in use for decades and a fine example of engineering and design ment to last. Rare to find but possible, check Ebay for Rowenta E 5214. If the slices are not too light or sticky they will turn by itself by 180 degree when you open a door, which is a nice stunt. Check a video here made by HausfrauJournal.

Saturday morning breakfast with Süddeutsche Zeitung

Saturday morning breakfast with Süddeutsche ZeitungSaturday morning breakfast with Süddeutsche Zeitung:
My first plan this morning was the plan to cycle to the other end of the lake of constance and visit Ecke32but instead I filled the milk can, went to the bakery and grabbed the Süddeutsche Zeitung – easy …

Remains of a Wulf´s breakfast

Remains of a wulf´s breakfast1Remains of a wulf´s breakfastRemains of a Wulf´s breakfast:
I will not post the location here (I do not want to scare someone away (coming here by a search term) who plans to go in this wonderful area). But if you read my blog regularly you already know where it might be.

So one evening I was told by an old man who lives in one village only during the summer time that he saw a young “Lupo“. He was talking only italian the whole time but “Lupo” i could definitely figure out and asked again later and he pointed upward the hill. I wasn´t sure what to think about his observation but the next day when we walked early in the morning on a path and found this forearm of a deer I remembered his story. Im not 100% sure if this deer died of a wulf but other options I checked and couldn´t find another reason. The other skeletton of a deer we found on a less walked trek and this one was for sure a bit older. But the leg looked really fresh to me. Remembering Jack London I could calm myself and Maria down that wulfs do not go after humans and if – only in wintertimes when they are close to starved to death.

butter roasted bread with nutella and banana!

butter roasted bread with nutella and banana - the ingrediencesbutter roasted bread with nutella and banana - butter in the pan and brown it!butter roasted bread with nutella and banana - get the banana readybutter roasted bread with nutella and banana - brown the bread and heat the bananabutter roasted bread with nutella and banana - nutella the bread slicesbutter roasted bread with nutella and banana - eat it !butter roasted bread with nutella and banana - ready to eat ! what a breakfast
In butter roasted bread slices with Nutella and banana:
This breakfeast / breakfast is in my mind since days.
What you need is two slices of bread, butter, a banana and Nutella.
Heat the pan, and put in a lot of butter (the bread will soak it up quite well) and let it brown a bit (for the aroma). Then roast the bread slices until they are brown on both sides.
Now it´s time to heat up the banana slices a bit (also for the aroma). Nutella on the bread and top it with the banana slices. Eat it before it gets cold, nice butter flavor, crisp bread and a strong banana taste. What a great breakfast.

Ah – do not even think about the calories – don´t blame butter/fat or carbohydrates if you happen to be too fat – blame yourself for being too lazy ;-)

Life is too short to count calories and eat with 2nd choice ingredients.

ready to crumble – rosinenbrötchen

ready to crumble - rosinenbrötchen for the weekend breakfast ready to crumble - rosinenbrötchen for the weekend breakfast butter and jamready to crumble – rosinenbrötchen:
Get ready for the weekend! Yesterday evening I put some flour, butter, milk, raisins, sugar, yeast, and vanilla in a pot and this morning the dough was ready to “Rosinenbrötchen”.
About 35 minutes at 160 C and 10 minutes at about 200 C with hot air (for the color) and
not only have saved you the time and money to queue in this morning at a bakery shop you also got the smell in the house.
Have a nice weekend !

(Notice the Herder Windmühlen Breakfast knife, a must have. Get in in carbon steel !)