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ready to crumble – rosinenbrötchen

ready to crumble - rosinenbrötchen for the weekend breakfast ready to crumble - rosinenbrötchen for the weekend breakfast butter and jamready to crumble – rosinenbrötchen:
Get ready for the weekend! Yesterday evening I put some flour, butter, milk, raisins, sugar, yeast, and vanilla in a pot and this morning the dough was ready to “Rosinenbrötchen”.
About 35 minutes at 160 C and 10 minutes at about 200 C with hot air (for the color) and
not only have saved you the time and money to queue in this morning at a bakery shop you also got the smell in the house.
Have a nice weekend !

(Notice the Herder Windmühlen Breakfast knife, a must have. Get in in carbon steel !)

Italian Sailor knife – Simav Napoli

Italian navy sailor knife by simav napoli, with old wine bottle openerItalian navy sailor knife by simav napoli, with maroccan coinsItalian navy sailor knife by simav napoliItalian navy sailor knife by simav napoli, handle structureitalian sailor knife - simav napoli signature and screw openeritalian sailor knife - simav napoli  with a massive marlinspikeItalian navy/sailor pocket knife by Simav – Napoli:
At a small antique shop in marrakech i found this great old sailor pocket knife. A copy of the famous WWI and WWII british navy/army knife made by Simav – Napoli around 1940. A small blade, a massive Marlinspike, a tin opener and a screwdriver all you need onboard. After a bit of a polish, some balistol oil and sharpening of the blade, it is ready to use.

German Navy knife – Bordmesser BW

German Navy sailor knife totalGerman Navy Sailor Knife eagleGerman Navy Sailor Knife Hugo Koller stampGerman Navy Sailor Knife marlinspike and eagle bundeswehrJust by accident I found this old German Navy Sailor knife called “Bordmesser” in the drawer of my father in law. A well used vintage knife from 1964 by Hugo Köller Solingen. He told me he got the knife from a fisherman who killed the fish with the Marlinspike / Marlspieker. (the usual purpose is to fix ropes or to open knots).