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US Mail Bag Merit Leather 1968 Restoration

Restauration of US Mail Bag 1968 by Merit Leather. 60 x 42 x 12 cm.

It was a hell of a work but for sure worth it. Merit leather sadly used a bad thread or did not wax it, so all the stitches were breaking apart. Good news however they used good leather.  So to rescue this unique piece I did it right and completly took the bag apart and redid everything. I used solid copper rivets and waxed Gruschwitz Linen thread 18/5. It was all saddlestitched by hand and I´m very convinced that falling apart seams are no issues for the further decades of use of this bag.

It was quite a time consuming project but I have to say I learned a lot. One thing is to use the best materials you can get and do stuff the right way or leave it. E.g. the Swiss Army Leatherpieces I collect are sometimes nearly twice as old but I never had a breaking thread. So something the saddlers there did obviously better. This piece will find a nice place at my leatherworkshop. 

Leather covered customized flask

Leder Flachmann - Flask Leather Leder Flachmann - Flask Leather Leder Flachmann - Flask Leather Leder Flachmann - Flask Leather


Leather covered customized Flask

It all started by borrowing my flask to friends who went on a hiking trip without a good spirit – I could not join them this time, but gave them my well filled flask. (Which I still haven´t got back!)

In the need to get a replacement quick, I did some research, but could not find anything really appealing to me. So I had the Idea to cover a standard stainless steel flask with some of my veg. tanned leather. I customize them with the initials and sew them by hand, orders can be placed, but I got already a lot to craft before christmas.

Flachmann mit Lederbezug – Customized leather covered flask