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My worn 1ST PAT-RN Lanza Jacket

My worn 1ST PAT-RN Lanza Jacket

I guess my favorite workjacket is in use now since about 3-4 years. Recently I did not wear it too often at work, since I´m want to preserve it as long as possible in it´s condition. But the good news is I got a 2nd one as a backup. See the last image as a comparison between the fabric when it was new and now.

What shall I say about this jacket? It´s  typical german “Blaumann” style appearance is just a trick. This superb material, the fine details and it´s design makes it so unique – for those who take a closer look. Inspried  by a vintage workwear jacket and refined/designed by one of my favorite designers Cristiano Berto. Cristiano´s 1st PAT-RN collection is always a surprise and not just garnments, they are collector items. Items you find in selected stores around the globe.

Have a look at Eric´s website to see some more image about this jacket in the new condition.

Pike Brothers – Roamer Shirt mohawk check

Pike Brothers Roamer Shirt mohawk check Shirt2 Pike Brothers Roamer Shirt mohawk check Shirt2 Pike Brothers Roamer Shirt mohawk check Shirt2 Pike Brothers Roamer Shirt mohawk check Shirt2 Pike Brothers Roamer Shirt mohawk check Shirt2 Pike Brothers Roamer Shirt mohawk check Shirt2 Pike Brothers Roamer Shirt mohawk check Shirt2Pike Brothers Roamer Shirt mohawk check:
I´ve met Fabian from Pike Brothers at the Bread&Butter two weeks ago and my intentions was to tell him how I honor his/their products which are authentic, durable and affordable. His statement was more or less that his roots are within the classic hot rod scene for which he developed cloth where “form follows function” those guys wear his garments at work and are happy they are worth the price by outlasting cheaper stuff they bought before by far.

And another thing was to check their Elephant skin fabric which they use now in trousers, vests and jackets but somehow I became hooked by the texture of their new
1937 Pike Brothers Roamer mohawk check Shirt. 

If would not have seen that shirt at their stand I would have guessed it has Japanese roots. (see it as a compliment). What a great fabric, soft, nice in detail and breathable. For sure perfect at temperatures to wear which we have right now (+30 Celsius).
(c) of the first two images by Pike Brothers

RT N’ 44s + Rising Sun Jeans

 RT N' THE 44s Rising Sun Jeans Workshop

RT N’ 44s + Rising Sun Jeans:
What a great band, as a music rookie my first thought was they got something from Johnny Cash, then came in the washboard and the banjo.

RT has stated that RT N’ THE 44s was born out of “an attempt to make listenable music from junk”. They have been described as a “vintage country band with dark obsessions”. Later by searching for more tracks I found this video above where they are dressed by Rising Sun Jeans. What a perfect they team they form. Rising Sun & Co. slogan is:

Tailor made indigo goods, & workwear capturing the optimistic spirit of America´s golden age of craftsmanship.

I saw the Rising Sun Straight Razor collection last year in Munich and I´m happy to see them in Berlin this week. Thanks Frederik for sharing this band with us.


Tellason Denim Chore coat arrived at the shipyard

Denim Chore Coat by Tellason used as workwear at the shipyard Denim Chore Coat by Tellason as workwear - reenforce buttonsDenim Chore Coat by Tellason as workwear - label cone white oak denim
Denim Chore Coat by Tellason as workwear - Cone Mills White Oak DenimDenim Chore Coat by Tellason as workwear - arrived at the shipyardDenim Chore Coat by Tellason as workwear - arrived at the shipyard detailTellason Denim Chore coat arrived at the shipyard:
Last week the guys from Amtraq were at the lake of constance for half a week.  After reading my post about “stuff that works at work” they decided to sponsor a Tellason Chore coat / Coverall jacket which I had to promise to use at the shipyard. I agreed,  but knowing that paint, hardener,rasin and all the tools will be tough on the great jacket made me somehow sad.

Wonderful details, I especially like the huge pockets, the reinforced buttons and the possibility to close the collar tight around the neck – this will somehow restrict the itching fibres finding their way to the skin.

It´s no summer 30 C usedforworkalldayjacket but as soon as the days get colder it will be used more often.