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Snowshoe hiking – soon !

Snowshoe hiking – soon!
Snow is there and a long weekend, let´s see how it is up there. These images are from an unforgettable trip 2 years ago, just before christmas me and 3 friends decided to hike up to the Heilbronner Hütte.

It all looks so nice but the last 3 hours walking at about 1800m to 2500m in about -25 are missing. Just one word, 10m before the hut I took a break for some minutes to walk the rest.

The weather the other day was amazing, a great trip to remember be-cause all went well after all.

Some basic advice:
– check the weather forecast!
– be early (6pm it´s dark)
– stuff fluids close to the body if -25 or lower
– food has to be prepared and ready to eat even with gloves on (no brotzeit syle)
– above 2000m weather can always turn bad
– make sure everybody has got a good sleeping bag to survive outside at these temp.

Hiking sticks – Stocknagel

hiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel overviewhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel overviewhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel saalbachhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel heilbronner hüttehiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel latschhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel hochosterwitzhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel wallgauhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel nebelhornhiking sticks - wanderstöcke stocknagel moserbogenhiking sticks - wanderstöcke points Today in my favorite antique shop I came over 5 old – vintage hiking sticks with stick nails – stocknägel. I could not find the word for a stocknagel in english. To explain it, a stocknagel is a souvenir you nail on your walking or hiking stick from a place of interest – mostly in the mountains. Its a tradition in europe and also a collectable or souvinir of where you have been. Its also a motivation for kids to collect them and some go mad about getting their sticks full. By that they learn to enjoy hiking and climb mountains by play.