6 thoughts on “Red Wing 9013

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  2. Alex

    Those boots are looking really nice. Just bought mine and am in my first week of wearing in. Cant wait to get that nice used look. Did you stick to your normal size or did you size down for these boots. Using any inlays?

    1. Alex Post author

      Hi Alex, just be patient the look will come. Crawling home after nightclubbing and lots of gin helped a lot.
      The size is 10,5 US which is perfect and my german size is 44. I found out that red wings are getting wider and also a bit longer. It seems to me that the heel area is coming down a bit and molds over your heel. I use inlays various inlays on them, felt for winter and leather in summertimes.

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  4. beckman

    could you tell me what you did that covers the stitching on the sole? it was added in this set of pictures. i’d usually coat that in bees wax but it looks like you have a better solution.

    thanks i hope you can help me.

    1. Alex Post author

      hmm, i did nothing special with it. from time to time i put some neat foot oil on the sole to condition the leather there and to prevent it from breaking sometime or getting cracks. thats all.


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