B-74 Frankfurt – store check!

B-74 Frankfurt Germany, Dehen JacketB-74 Frankfurt store overall view red wing helmetB-74 Frankfurt store overall viewB-74 Frankfurt filson bags in hamburger schappB-74 Frankfurt vintage red wing shoes collectionB-74 Frankfurt counter area, uwe mr, mrs. ms. hashemi B-74 Frankfurt johnson motors wolf patrol t-shirtB-74 Frankfurt vintage baseball jacketsB-74 Frankfurt filson bags and motorbikeB-74 Frankfurt motorbike harleyB-74 Frankfurt cabrioletB-74 Frankfurt store interior viewB-74 Frankfurt tweed caps stetsonB-74 Frankfurt Kami Hashemi no Discount B-74 Frankfurt – store check!
With Uwe and Eric we went to the short fashion show at the B-74. It was helt for the int. press, which was guided trough the city of Frankfurt to selected locations before the MTV Awards the following day. The B-74 by Kami Hashemi is a bit hidden in a backyard. But a shop connected with the Red Wing Store Frankfurt which Kami runs since 1998 gets attention. Once you entered, you will see why customers are doing the pilgrimage to this shop. Top brands with history and quality are presented in a unique way. Just have a look at the cabriolet inside the shop, the counter, the flipper or the antique Hamburger Schapp filled with Filson bags.

Here an overview of the brands: Aero Leather, Atelier LaDurance, Converse, Dockers K1, Dehen, Dukes, Edwin, Filson, Johnson Motors Inc., Knowledge Cotton, G.R.P Firenze, Levi´s Vintage Cloth., Merz b. Schwanen, Nigel Cabourn, Red Wing Shoes, Rin Tanaka, Schiesser Revival, Stetson

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