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Chestnut leather boots with felt – Santa Claus style

brown felt boots - santa claus - chestnuts vintage leatherbrown felt boots - santa claus - chestnuts vintage leather closer detailsbrown felt boots - santa claus - chestnuts vintage leather inside viewbrown felt boots - santa claus style, sole wooden nails and horseshoedbrown felt boots - santa claus, felt shaft and broken loopsbrown felt boots - santa claus stitching details brown felt boots - santa claus front chestnut leather detailsbrown felt boots - santa claus details sole, wooden shoe nails

Chestnut leather boots with felt – Santa Claus style:
Quite a while ago I´m hunting for this kind of boots now. Actually after my last years debut as Santa Claus for a family member. For one thing I´m really interested in how the comfort and control is with this kind of “no laces no buckles” boot is. And the other thing is to figure out how to get in and out.

This boot has probably the nicest brown patina I ever saw on a pair of shoes/boots. A wonderful brown color like a fresh opened chestnut. They got the old school wooden shoe nails on the sole and the horseshoe style reinforcement of the heel. The pull on loops are all broken, this might be the reason it´s impossible to get in right now for me. (the size seems to be ok). Would be too sad to sell them on Ebay, but I will give it a harder try later and hopefully I´m getting out again.

Post WWII German Army boots size 42 on Ebay

german post WWII vintage boots from baltes full view from the sidePost WWII German Army boots size 42 on Ebay:
Be-cause the images on Ebay are so bad so I will post my images here. Another fine pair of Baltes post WWII German Army boots in size 42 are right now on ebay. They are the version with the thick leather which will look sometime like mine on the image above. They are goodyear welted, got the vorwerk sole and have the wooden shoenails.

Check the full post I did on this boots a while ago.

vintage B-3 jacket by Aeroleather

Aeroleather B-3 jacket – vintage size 38 full view frontAeroleather B-3 jacket – US Air Force badgeAeroleather B-3 jacket – prym zipper originalAeroleather B-3 jacket – side fastenersAeroleather B-3 jacket – bucklesAeroleather B-3 jacket – labelAeroleather B-3 jacket – manufacturer label vintageAeroleather B-3 jacket – repair stitchesAeroleather B-3 jacket – repairsAeroleather B-3 jacket – hanger chainvintage Aeroleather B-3 jacket full view backsideAeroleather B-3 jacket – armvintage B-3 jacket by Aeroleather:

I basically saved this pilot jacket some years ago to be thrown away. At this time I actually had no clue about it. This sheepskin jacket comes from my girlfriends family. Her grandfather a german pilot in WW2 probably traded it with an USAAF pilot (for his flight jacket?). It was a well kept secret be-cause my plan was to get it restored by Aeroleather (via Burkhard Plug – Gasoline Alley) and give it to my girlfriend Maria. The leather broke at the neck/colar for about 15 cm. Just last week I checked her size and the jacket is way too large for her.

So shall I put it on sale?
Get it restored and keep it for my unborn son or daughter?

With size 38 now way I will ever fit in, too bad! Probably the first time I wish I would be a bit smaller.

The Manufacturers Label says:

Type: B-3
DWG. NO. 33H5595
C. ORDER NO. 42-22899-P
Size 38

Swedish Army Boots from 1943 – now with rubber soles

Swedish Army boots from 1943 after the resole - with rubber sole nowSwedish Army boots from 1943 after the resole - with rubber sole nowSwedish Army boots from 1943 after the resole - print and cracking leatherSwedish Army boots from 1943 after the resole more cracks in the leatherSwedish Army boots from 1943 after the resole - rippedSwedish Army boots from 1943 after the resole - view from the top with the leather shoelacesSwedish Army boots from 1943 after the resole - with levis engineered / twisted jeansSwedish Army Boots, the 1943 version is back with a rubber sole:
I got the boots back now with a rubber sole, gave them two soaks with “Burgol N – Juchtenfett” and broke them in a bit. First of all the leather color is bleeding a lot and I´m sure the color of the boot will develop great. But my greatest concern is right now to keep the leather from cracking. As you can see from the images only some parts and only on one shoe the leather starts to crack a bit. And I have to admit I pulled the loop maybe a bit to hard (or the leather wasn´t soaked enough) and it ripped a bit. Hmm I guess 1943 was not a year theyprobalby had taken too much care for using the best leather? Anyhow, I will be more careful now. Simon Tuntelder from After the Denim gave me a great advice to use pure Neatsfoot oil / Klauenöl or Klauenfett to treat the dry leather with. It´s not that the leather feels dry but after all this years I guess the boots have earned the best treatment.

See also the boots before they got their rubber sole and the difference with the pair from 1946:

– Swedish army boots, brown from 1943 with the leather sole.
– Swedish army boots, brown from 1946 with the leather sole.