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vintage B-3 jacket by Aeroleather

Aeroleather B-3 jacket – vintage size 38 full view frontAeroleather B-3 jacket – US Air Force badgeAeroleather B-3 jacket – prym zipper originalAeroleather B-3 jacket – side fastenersAeroleather B-3 jacket – bucklesAeroleather B-3 jacket – labelAeroleather B-3 jacket – manufacturer label vintageAeroleather B-3 jacket – repair stitchesAeroleather B-3 jacket – repairsAeroleather B-3 jacket – hanger chainvintage Aeroleather B-3 jacket full view backsideAeroleather B-3 jacket – armvintage B-3 jacket by Aeroleather:

I basically saved this pilot jacket some years ago to be thrown away. At this time I actually had no clue about it. This sheepskin jacket comes from my girlfriends family. Her grandfather a german pilot in WW2 probably traded it with an USAAF pilot (for his flight jacket?). It was a well kept secret be-cause my plan was to get it restored by Aeroleather (via Burkhard Plug – Gasoline Alley) and give it to my girlfriend Maria. The leather broke at the neck/colar for about 15 cm. Just last week I checked her size and the jacket is way too large for her.

So shall I put it on sale?
Get it restored and keep it for my unborn son or daughter?

With size 38 now way I will ever fit in, too bad! Probably the first time I wish I would be a bit smaller.

The Manufacturers Label says:

Type: B-3
DWG. NO. 33H5595
C. ORDER NO. 42-22899-P
Size 38

post WWII German Army boots from Baltes

german post WWII vintage boots from baltes full view from the sidegerman post WWII vintage boots from baltes with pike brothers roamer pant / jeansgerman post WWII vintage boots from baltes the discoloured heel german post WWII vintage boots from baltes lace holesgerman post WWII vintage boots from baltes inside stitches german post WWII vintage boots from baltes back view Post WWII German Army boot from Baltes:
After about half a year in the trunk of Ferdi´s car, who is a very skilled but too busy shoemaker I finally got these boots back. They are the bigger brothers of these boots. These have got really thick leather, nearly as thick as a belt, about 2 mm. The color used to be black but on very stressed areas it was worn off and is brownish shining trough. When I bought them I was considering to give them a treatment with black shoe cream but luckily I left them their character.

Now with the new soles and fixed heels (I guess they will darken a bit after a while) they for sure will last a lifetime. I gave them some treatment with neutral leather oil, they fit like a glove and you really have another example how skilled they were making boots at Baltes around 1960.

Swedish brown boots from 1946

swedish boots from 1946 brown full viewvintage swedish boots from 1946 brown detail shoe laces holesvintage swedish boots from 1946 brown soles with wood nails and steel vintage swedish boots from 1946 soles and wood nailsvintage swedish boots from 1946 brown inside sole vintage swedish boots from 1946 brown three crowns leather markvintage swedish boots from 1946 brown and steel reinforced heelvintage swedish boots from 1946 brown inside the shoeSwedish boots from 1946 in brown (MCB 44):
This week I saw an auction with a fixed price about this boots and it was instantly sold, luckily the seller had another one and I was quicker this time.

The seller got this boots right out of an barn from a friend in Sweden.

Amazing craftsmanship and I guess after some wear and break in he will look awesome. The only thing which troubles me is the leather sole and the iron  parts on it. See the image of the heel, it has a iron rim like a horseshoe. I think about putting a rubber sole onto them, what do you think?

I managed to get some more of this boots, a model from 1943 a bit different design,  leather and I modified it now with a rubber sole.

The only reference I could find about a similar boot is:
Swedish army boot from 1943 on Fedora Lounge. 

If you are interested in this boot, check this seller on ebay.