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vintage B-3 jacket by Aeroleather

Aeroleather B-3 jacket – vintage size 38 full view frontAeroleather B-3 jacket – US Air Force badgeAeroleather B-3 jacket – prym zipper originalAeroleather B-3 jacket – side fastenersAeroleather B-3 jacket – bucklesAeroleather B-3 jacket – labelAeroleather B-3 jacket – manufacturer label vintageAeroleather B-3 jacket – repair stitchesAeroleather B-3 jacket – repairsAeroleather B-3 jacket – hanger chainvintage Aeroleather B-3 jacket full view backsideAeroleather B-3 jacket – armvintage B-3 jacket by Aeroleather:

I basically saved this pilot jacket some years ago to be thrown away. At this time I actually had no clue about it. This sheepskin jacket comes from my girlfriends family. Her grandfather a german pilot in WW2 probably traded it with an USAAF pilot (for his flight jacket?). It was a well kept secret be-cause my plan was to get it restored by Aeroleather (via Burkhard Plug – Gasoline Alley) and give it to my girlfriend Maria. The leather broke at the neck/colar for about 15 cm. Just last week I checked her size and the jacket is way too large for her.

So shall I put it on sale?
Get it restored and keep it for my unborn son or daughter?

With size 38 now way I will ever fit in, too bad! Probably the first time I wish I would be a bit smaller.

The Manufacturers Label says:

Type: B-3
DWG. NO. 33H5595
C. ORDER NO. 42-22899-P
Size 38

Aero Leather Higwayman horsehide leather jacket

Aero Leather Highwayman Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide jacket brown full front viewAero Leather Highwayman Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide jacket brown back viewAero Leather Highwayman Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide Jacket brown colar and labelAero Leather Highwayman Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide brown name tagAero Leather Highwayman Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide brown care labelAero Leather Highwayman Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide brown outside pocketAero Leather Highwayman Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide brown adjustment buckle

Aero Leather Highwayman horsehide jacket brown:

Last spring I ordered a Aero Leather Highwayman horsehide jacket at a visit in munich, from Burghard Plug – Gasoline Alley. The process of finding the “right” jacket took years. Aero leather jackets are regarded to be the “Rolls Royce” of all. I totally have to agree, the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used are hard to top. Regarding the price I even would say it is a bargain. Endless options to customize your own jacket which you have to deal with the next decades need some advice. So I strongly recommend to visit one of the Aero Leather dealers for advice. For good images beside the original Aero Leather website check Kentaurus by Stefan Laskowski in Cologne.

Three month later I finally got a call from Burghard and he told me the jacket arrived. I have to say at the beginning the leather jacket did not fit very well but because of the extremely thick leather it takes a bit of break in time. The true character and fit of the jackets develops over the time. The jackets weights around 4-5 kg with heavy front quarter horsehide. At the beginning it was hard to lift the arm and to touch the back of the neck collar – just to give you a picture. The jacket still feels like a body armor but the resistance has decreased a lot. Nice abrasion marks and “folds” are creating and the jacket is “falling” more naturally.

If you wonder why the jacket has no cord or chain for hanging it on a hook. No way! The weight of the jacket would deform the jacket, just throw it on the floor, thats it. I will post more images over the time to trace the changes.