7 thoughts on “Highwayman horsehide jacket

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      1. Tom

        Thanks for the quick reply…..One more question…..How is the sizing at Aero? I used to own a B-6 jacket through them but am wondering how true to size they are now. I am a usually perfect 42R.


      2. Alex Post author

        Hello Tom, I would suggest you find a dealer who is really experienced with selling Aero Jackets and get it just how you want it. You are going to wait for at least a couple of month and you going to have if for probably the rest of your life. So get it done right. I did so and I would have done for sure some mistakes. E.g. the additional inches on the arm length…

  2. Home Giffin

    can you tell me what type of leather you choose for your Highwayman jacket? Also the size. Could you also tell me the length from armpit too sleeve and armpit too bottom of jacket?. Many thanks. Alex

    1. Alex Post author

      It´s Heavy Frontquarter Horsehide FQHH. Basically it´s a 44 with longer arms, the rest is standard. I would recommend to get to a shop who distributes Aero Leather Jackets and get proper advice there about the size and the options. They are skilled and know what looks best and fits. It´s no use to save max. about 10-20% by ordering online and then having a bad fitting jacket for the rest of your life ;-)


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