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Post WWII German Army boots size 42 on Ebay

german post WWII vintage boots from baltes full view from the sidePost WWII German Army boots size 42 on Ebay:
Be-cause the images on Ebay are so bad so I will post my images here. Another fine pair of Baltes post WWII German Army boots in size 42 are right now on ebay. They are the version with the thick leather which will look sometime like mine on the image above. They are goodyear welted, got the vorwerk sole and have the wooden shoenails.

Check the full post I did on this boots a while ago.

Braun RT 20 Radio

Braun RT 20 Radio frontBraun RT 20 Radio - logo dieter ramsBraun RT 20 Radio - frequency dialsBraun RT 20 Radio - knopsBraun RT 20 Radio - frequency dialsBraun RT 20 Radio - backside closedBraun RT 20 Radio - backside antennaBraun RT 20 Radio - type print backsideBraun RT 20 Radio - full view inside Braun RT 20 Radio - inside closeupBraun RT 20 Radio - socketsBraun RT 20 Radio - volt changerBraun RT 20 Radio - details with tubes Braun RT 20 Radio - inside views glowing tubes

Braun RT 20 Radio by Dieter Rams 1961:
I always wanted a tube radio, so a couple of years ago I found this Braun RT 20. The usual tube radios with their mostly dark brown and rustic design were a lesser option. I love the design but the soul of this radio as well. It takes about 10 seconds to start making sound (sometimes I forgot that I switched it on by then) and It takes some adjustments to the frequency after some minutes.

Only about 6600 pieces were built around 1961 by Braun Frankfurt – Germany.
Most will know the famous Schneewitchensarg record player SK-4 by Dieter Rams. 

I have to retune the frequency …