Chinese Multipurpose Pocket Knife

chinese multi purpose pocket knife - the boxchinese multi purpose pocket knife - the five knifeschinese multi purpose pocket knife - five knifes closerchinese multi purpose pocket knife - one knife openchinese multi purpose pocket knife - macro shootChinese Sports Multi Purpose Pocket Knife:
Two years ago I bought these knifes in Thailand in the busy harbor city of Ranong which is very close to Burma. Walking trough the streets I saw this shop selling one of this knifes. I liked the bizarre motives on the knife. Does it mean you can use this knife for: weight lifting, tennis, ping pong, shooting/hunting, …  so a multi sports purpose pocket knife? Or is it a talisman for doing this sports. Since it was Chinese new year the 2nd guess might be more likely. The shop owner could not answer my question, however to get a good good price a took a dozen – they might still wonder what this “falang” (thai for foreigner) is doing with this stuff.

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