Best of Istanbul, Edogan take a break!

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Best of Istanbul, Edogan take a break!
It makes me really sad to see “my Instanbul” and the people of Istanbul suffer. I had great moments there. Once on a backpacking trip to Turkey and by luck I ran intoFatih Akin and had a great time with him and his filmcrew while they filmed The Edge of Heaven in Istanbul. And once celebrating new year 2010/2011. How can you not fall in love with a city with such a great history, with so good food, so friendly people and so rich in culture? And it makes me angry seeing someone attacking it. My fullest support, at least a bit, to the people on the streets of Istanbul – sadly only digital but worth a try.

If you look at the images above closer you might recognize the be-cause blog logo.  Other stories like one of the best straight razor shaves (ok it was a shavette razor) or the story of the find of my Zeus ring at the grand bazar by meeting a Armenian silversmith. I hope the best for the liberty and safety for the people of Istanbul and Turkey. 

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