Alexander von Bronewski Manufaktur – Photoshooting

Tote Bag Cognac Handgenäht Tote Bag Cognac Handgenäht Tote Bag Cognac Handgenäht Tote Bag Cognac Handgenäht Leather covered Flask, Lederflachmann Flachmann Leder Leather handvernäht handsewn belt, handgenähter ledergürtel Clutch Leder handgenäht, handsewn cognac basic Pickrad, Overstitchwheel Douk Douk - Sujet Venus Passionfrance

Alexander von Bronewski Manufaktur – Photoshooting with Mia Feline / Goldenfox

This week I got a visit at my workshop from the Photographer Mia Feline – Goldenfox.
She spent a day with me and Tillmann to capture me working (an Tillmann waiting to finally going to play Frisbee) on various products eg. a Clutch Bag, a Tote Bag, a Belt and a leather covered Flask. Im very happy with the results and for sure this will not be the last time we work with Mia and Goldenfox.



6 thoughts on “Alexander von Bronewski Manufaktur – Photoshooting

  1. Sergio Medici Paolini Jr

    Olá Alex!E muito bom receber seus posts;principalmente os seus que são sempre tão cuidados nas imagens e nos detalhes!!!
    Para mim verdadeiros presentes de dedicação e arte.
    Um grande abraço deste amigo e admirador do seu trabalho;de São Paulo,Brasil.

    1. Alex Post author

      Hello Sergio, thanks for you note, its great to hear something so far away from bavaria, great to connect via that way.


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