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Alexander von Bronewski Manufaktur – Photoshooting

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Alexander von Bronewski Manufaktur – Photoshooting with Mia Feline / Goldenfox

This week I got a visit at my workshop from the Photographer Mia Feline – Goldenfox.
She spent a day with me and Tillmann to capture me working (an Tillmann waiting to finally going to play Frisbee) on various products eg. a Clutch Bag, a Tote Bag, a Belt and a leather covered Flask. Im very happy with the results and for sure this will not be the last time we work with Mia and Goldenfox.


Yugoslavian Military Leather belt – refurbished

Jugoslawischer Militärgürtel Leder vintage Jugoslawischer Militärgürtel vintage used worn Army
Jugoslavian vintage leather army belt military

After some decades this Yugoslavian military leather belt needed some care

Recently a friend of mine sent me this beauty. For me this Yugoslavian Army leather belts are monuments. The leather they used and the way they saddle stitched and how, is a lecture. Its a mass produced piece a leather craftsman or a collector should take time to examine and try to understand why they did it that way.  After some decades of use and storage the linen thread just broke. So I dissembled the belt to its parts, treated the leather with neat food oil to condition it, and saddle stitched it. To give the 18/5 Barbour linen thread an more vintage look fitting the belt, I soaked it in blacktea before I put the beeswax on it.

A fine example how classic and durable design, crafted the right way and using the right materials can last decades. Such a piece is definitely worth the effort to expand its lifetime.

be-cause-bag – Leather Tote bag project

Leather Tote bag Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  019 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  020 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  021 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  022 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  023 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  024 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  026 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  027 Tote Bag - be-cause-blog  028

be-cause-bag – Leather Tote bag project

It was in my mind for a long time to finally hand sew my first handbag. The ingredients were simple. First of all the best vegetable tanned leather I could get my hands on, simple design, hand stitched with saddle stitch, best thread, no zippers (they will break at first), and some well thought of practical details. Overall it took me about 10 hours to cut and sew this bag.

A while ago I took test cast of the Indian Head from Feinschmuck out of solid copper and turned it into a button. It now serves the locking for the bag. Interchangable with other buttons and the leather straps can be easily changed as well over the years. This is just a start, I will produce more leather tote bags soon – waiting for more leather hides.

RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 – Giveaway!

RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 497 RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 498 RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 499 RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 500 RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 501 RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 502 RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 503 RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 504

RLX5513 Business Card Case P3 – Giveaway!

A while ago Peter Gensberger from RLX5513 sent me this dark green hand sewn leather sheath / case for business cards. Made out of a 4mm thick leather, hand sewn with contrast yellow thread and a quickdraw mechanism, its a great addition to your EDC.

My plan is to give it to one of my fellow readers. So how do you get it?
Head over to the be-cause-blog Facebook accountlike+share and comment this post there (why you want this case).

1st. of Oktober 2013 I will then draw the winner and will sent it worldwide for free.