Yugoslavian Military Leather belt – refurbished

Jugoslawischer Militärgürtel Leder vintage Jugoslawischer Militärgürtel vintage used worn Army
Jugoslavian vintage leather army belt military

After some decades this Yugoslavian military leather belt needed some care

Recently a friend of mine sent me this beauty. For me this Yugoslavian Army leather belts are monuments. The leather they used and the way they saddle stitched and how, is a lecture. Its a mass produced piece a leather craftsman or a collector should take time to examine and try to understand why they did it that way.  After some decades of use and storage the linen thread just broke. So I dissembled the belt to its parts, treated the leather with neat food oil to condition it, and saddle stitched it. To give the 18/5 Barbour linen thread an more vintage look fitting the belt, I soaked it in blacktea before I put the beeswax on it.

A fine example how classic and durable design, crafted the right way and using the right materials can last decades. Such a piece is definitely worth the effort to expand its lifetime.

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