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hiking and bivouac in the Lecknertal

coffee for breakfast from the bialettiHiking and bivouac in the Lecknertal
Last friday Maria and me went for camping straight after work. Before the temperature drops and snow comes, this might be the last time at higher altitude without the snowshoes. Weather-reports were great for the day/night so we only packed the bivouac bag, no tent and the sleeping bags. It was very evident that the indian summer/autumn was beginning much earlier up there, the leaves turn already yellow and brown. The hike to the “summit” was much longer than we thought, I would say about 2 hours. After we arrived I went straight to collect some wood for the fire while Maria prepared the camp. It quickly went dark and we had a great sunset. We roasted some sausages on sticks and had a bottle of bordeaux nouveau. At higher altitude and without the artificial light of cites, the stars are much more visible and brighter up there and the milky way looks like a cloud, so many stars you can see. When sleeping outdoors you tend to wake up more, but you really don’t mind if you see the stars above you. Next morning we woke up exactly at sunrise at about 7am (at least me) and I prepared some coffee with the bialetti. We had doubt that the sparkling water we brought might taste sour in the coffee – and yes it does. So another lesson learned.

A great adventure, next time we come back there will be snow and the retired early birds on cross country skies will already made the tracks to the peak.