Finally “Holidays” ?

Holidays – beach, sun and the sea. Sounds perfect but sometimes we were happy to see bizarre sceneries on the beach and do not have to stay. One of the good things if you have not booked in advance, are not absolutely fixed in the mission of getting a sunburn with others or able to see alternatives. (I have to explain this is a collection of what I saw over the years – beware not on only one holiday, photos are taken in Italy, Mexico and Dubai)

2 thoughts on “Finally “Holidays” ?

  1. crashwilliams

    Whilst not on holiday (we’ve taken a year out to travel) we’ve purposely made no plans as to where we’re going or where we end up. We see too many people with a fixed itinery – ‘I must get from A to B to pick up next flight to C’ that they almost always miss out on whats going on around them.

    Take your time and enjoy the ride!

  2. Alex Post author

    i witnessed a couple from germany (while watching rugby and had a chat with a lady in a guest house in mendoza – argentina and waited for the free internet which they blocked for hours) who had to change all their guest house reservations for the trip because they lost a day while travelling. ;-)


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