Straight razor blade – Tambour 41 by Robert Buntenbach

Straight razor blade – Tambour 41 by Robert Buntenbach – Solingen Höhnscheid.
At an antique shop in Ravensburg I recently obtained some shaving related items which must come from the closedown of a barbershop in the area. The two Tambour straight razor blades were in absolute mint condition. After some stomping on the leather they were ready to shave. It took me some research to find out what “Enslin Nachschliff” means. A guy from the Nassrasur-Forum finally came up with the explination that: “… straight razor blades were quite expensive at those times, so when they went blunt they were given to a special craftsman who was specialized on resharping them…”. Thanks Master Enslin you did a great job.

10 thoughts on “Straight razor blade – Tambour 41 by Robert Buntenbach

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      1. Alex Post author

        knifes and blades should NEVER be given as gifts. most of the time I make knifes as presents I charge 1 cent ;-)

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  3. Brittius

    Wow! That is one beautiful straight razor. Since 1970, I have been using a few, and the full hollow, round nose, are my favorites. If that razor ever is in need of a new home, let me know.

    1. Alex Post author

      they were twins and i already gave one away. not this one for sure :) even when i buy sometime a wacker straight razor this one will be kept. not that much experience with straight razors but im getting better after every shave. too much fun to grow a beard. got a collection? take some good images, i will post them.


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