Steyr Puch 650 T

Steyr Puch 650 T front imageSteyr Puch 650 T back imageSteyr Puch 650 T front image partSteyr Puch 650 T logo Steyr Puch 650 T engineSteyr Puch 650 T reifen und auspuffSteyr Puch 650 T sitze und sitzgurteSteyr Puch 650 T SeitenansichtSteyr Puch 650 T amatur und stoppuhrenSteyr Puch 650 T amatur tachoThe Steyr Puch 650 T of Manfred Stroppe modified for mountain races (bergrennen) and oldtimer rallys. A true beast there is a saying that a Steyr Puch 650 does not need a lot of new engines but new roofs. The grip and speed of this car on roads with lots of curves is hard to beat, and not for everyone. 

3 thoughts on “Steyr Puch 650 T

  1. crashwilliams

    reminds me very much of the original Minis (pre VW takeover) which found fame through rallying – and a lot of success they enjoyed as well.

    Which though came first, the Mini Cooper or Puch?

  2. Alex Post author

    I had to do some research to answer your question.
    The first Mark I Mini was produced in 1959 and the first Mini Cooper in 1961.
    While the first Steyr Puch 500 in 1957 and the first Steyr Puch 650 T in 1962.
    So the answer is both ;-), the Steyr Puch 500 family was launched earlier but the Mini Cooper was produced before the Steyr Puch 650 T.

    1. crashwilliams

      ah-ha, well researched – the mini was famed for it’s cornering, having wheels in each corner was a novel idea at the time and paid dividends whilst rallying, tight turns are what it excelled at.

      I’d love an old Cooper S, in fact I’d take either of the Cooper or 650T!


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