old Razor Blades

old razor blades, knockout, gillette blue, shararaKnockout Razor Blade front viewKnockout Razor Blade back viewKnockout Razor Blade, british wages, british craftmanshiftKnockout Razor Blade made in SheffieldSahara de Luxe razor blade back viewSahara de Luxe razor blade

Good mornings with Gillette, blue, inside wrapSome old razor blades I collected over the time, unluckily some blades were replaced by more experienced collectors who checked also the inside of the wrap. But overall another fine example how things were created with more passion in the past. Starting from the design and text of the wrap and ending with the blades itself.


7 thoughts on “old Razor Blades

  1. crashwilliams

    Alex, you amaze me with some of the things you blog about! Loving this razor blade post – prior to leaving the uk I bought my first three piece razor. After trying several different blades I opted for a brand called ‘derby’ which I really enjoy using.

    I’d love to have the chance to buy/use ‘knock out’ blades you got pictured above! Like you say though, so much more effort went on in the past – I blame Mach turbo four blade plastic throwaway rubbish!

    Great post and piccys!

  2. Alex Post author

    Thanks a lot for your comment.
    Derby is the Turkish standard blade and I guess they know what they do, no nation has got that beard growth and that many barbers. They are extremely cheap (about 15 Euros for 200 blades incl. shipping and tax at ebay) and it was hard for me to feel a huge difference to the about 4 times (15 times to a Mach 3 Gillette) more expensive ones and regarded as one of the best, the Japanese feather blades.


  3. Alex Post author

    not really, I bought and got some and for sure I would like to acquire ones with special leaflets. are you a collector?

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