D-Rad R0/4 motorbike from 1924/1927

D-Rad R O/4 Motorbike full view from the leftD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike front view from the rightD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike front view from the right sideD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike identification of engine and brand D-Rad R O/4 Motorbike badge viewD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike handlebar backviewD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike front view, springs and horn D-Rad R O/4 Motorbike saddle with tank viewD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike view of the engineD-Rad R O/4 Motorbike engine viewAbove some images I took from a D-Rad R0/4 motorbike from 1924/1927. Its from “Deutschen Industriewerken” aus Berlin Spandau. This bike is no. 21547 from only 25500, made between 1924 – 1927. It took me a while to figure out what brand this bike is, but due to the plate on the front and the net I learned something new. The bike was standing right in front of Seil Marschall, what a match. For more infos about this kind of motorbike check
d-rad.de by Manfred Henschel or a swiss website: d-rad.ch by Benno Stöcklin.

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