Olympia “De Luxe” travel typewriter

olympia de luxe manual travel typewriter full with caseolympia de luxe travel typewriter closeup keysolympia de luxe travel typewriter first test typing www.be-cause-blog.comolympia de luxe typewriter  typeing http://www.be-cause-blog.com olympia de luxe travel typewriter instruction leafletolympia de luxe travel typewriter instruction manualOlympia “De Luxe” travel typewriter with travel case.

Last week finally the seller of this great travel typewriter sent me the Olympia “De Luxe”. For only 1,50 Euros in a very good condition including the transport case and the original instructions I know it was a steal. I really don´t know what to do with it but the mechanic and the look of it is easily worth the money. And due to the compact size and the travel case it is easy to store it away.

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