5 thoughts on “Inventory Magazine / Inventory Stockroom surprise!

  1. Chi


    I stumbled across your blog while looking for details about the Swedish Army rucksacks and as chance would have it, I am here again (somewhat indirectly) while looking for a Swedish army belt in a size 110. Unfortunately, Inventory only have 120 size belts left. I don’t suppose you know of any place where I can get the 110 sized belt?

    BTW, great blog…


    1. Alex Post author

      Hi Chi,
      I got only one 110 – mine, if there are more 110 available in Europe you will get them via Inventory.

      1. Chi

        Hi Alex,

        Thanks for responding. I guess I’ll just keep looking. If I get desperate, I could get the 120, punch a few extra holes and maybe even trim it down to size.

        Oh yeah, I meant Swiss Army backpack/rucksack – my brain was fixated on the Swedish Army belt. :)


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