Gin – Genever for 2012

Schweppes Tonic Water 0,2 bottlesMonkey 47 Gin Genever - SchwarzwaldMonkey 47 Gin backside Label of the bottle
Monkey Gin Schwarzwald Hendrick´s GinHendrick´s Gin labelHendrick´s Gin Label macro

Gin – Genever, I guess we are prepared for 2012:
Ordered the small Schweppes 0,2 l Tonic Water bottles two weeks ago and receiving them this friday I was in for some Gin shopping. Friday I grabbed a bottle of Gordon´s Gin be-cause I thought I´m not gonna make it to the Island but I did it on saturday. With a hangover still fogging my senses I did not only get a bottle of Monkey 47 Gin from the Schwarzwald, no I had to get a bottle of Hendrick´s Gin as well and some tryout´s small bottles. I´m pretty sure the next party will become a Gin-Waterloo.

4 thoughts on “Gin – Genever for 2012

    1. Alex Post author

      at least a drop of gordon´s should be left until then ;-). I got a case of 0,2 bottles of coke as well, i guess i will extend my range for some rum as well until then. what´s your first choice? we had some superb rum in nicaragua “flor de cana” at least 7 years old which would be on my shopping list.


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