Hiking in the Moostal area

Hiking in the Moostal area:
Going hiking at about 30 C – some close people called me “your are crazy”. Luckily Maria and some friends felt forced to join be-cause it was said to do so. After buying some great lunch at the market we started late to not catch the full heat on the 20km walk. Unluckily we arrived too late at the Darmstädter Hütte – the kitchen was closed already but we got some pasta. After some cold beer – which we all earned and some red wine we had an easy sleep. On sunday we started quite early to pass the snow covered Kuchenjoch and to hike trough the Konstanzer Hütte and back to St. Anton. At the Konstanzer Hütte there was a small 1st. of July party with some folk musik, beer and barbecue. A great weekend!

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