Needful things – Amtraq showroom visit

Amtraq Distribution visit - Sachsenhausen outside shopwindowAmtraq Distribution visit - red vespa scooter shopwindowAmtraq Distribution visit - conference deskAmtraq Distribution visit - black and white portraitsAmtraq Distribution visit - black and white photosAmtraq Distribution visit - tellason denim chestAmtraq Distribution visit feinschmuck anchorNeedful things – Amtraq showroom visit:
Last saturday was a very eventful day. When ushered by Uwe in his showroom in Frankfurt – Sachsenhausen it felt like being a character of “Needfull things” by Stephen King.  Only difference, much more than one item you wish to have – now. Products he distributes are tasteful accompanied by black and white photographs, collectibles, design classics, a glass of Äpplewoi and great sound from vinyl. Thanks a lot Uwe!

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