Armagnac Vaghi 1989

Armagnac Vaghi 1989 Armagnac Vaghi 1989 wooden case Armagnac Vaghi 1989 christmas Armagnac Vaghi 1989 bottle label Armagnac Vaghi 1989 5 Armagnac Vaghi 1989 back labelArmagnac Vaghi from 1989:
Breaking the tradition of buying a good bottle of Cognac XO for christmas. I went for a Armagnac this year. Armagnac Vaghi sells brandy back to 1928 and probably even older ones are hidden in their cellar. Made from Ugni-Blanc grapes and the rougher not as smooth version of a Cognac, be-cause only distilled once. But after some decades in barrels he will catch up. Sharing with family and friends who will show up. The glass is empty right now, a bit too early. But soon it will be preheated with some hot steam from the espresso machine and filled to Prost with someone. Cu soon.

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