3rd Day Konstanzer Hütte

Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day01 Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day02 Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day03 Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day04 Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day05 Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day06 Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day07 Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day08 Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day09 Konstanzer Hütte 3rd Day103rd Day Konstanzer Hütte :
This day we had a spotless sky right from the sunset. It was a joy to see the sun rising and illuminating the surrounding mountains. While I took some photos my ears felt quite quick strange and cold. I found out that we had -20 C,  that was the explanation.  We prepared a hot soup, had a coffee, cleaned up the hut and made our way down the valley.

Not to forget to have some breaks in between to look back to where we´ve been and think about what great time we had. Lively and honest discussions, opinions, storys and advices. A time which should not be forgotten too early and be absorbed to soon by “Mondays”. 

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