Rib Eye Steaks

Rib Eye Steaks Rib Eye Steaks Rib Eye Steaks Rib Eye Steaks Rib Eye Steaks Rib Eye SteaksRib Eye Steaks:
Visiting my local butcher today, I was a bit puzzled what kind of steak he is offering here. My first guess was right it is indeed a Rib Eye but he pimped it with some herbs and wrapped with an additional layer of fat. Proudly he insured me it will preserve the meats juiciness even more with an additional crispy rim. Thats how shopping is to be done, choose carefully, talk to the butcher and give him a feedback afterwards.

Clearly they show the typical fine lines of fat which only cattle has which is not speedfeasted and has got some space to move. The “Allgäuer Weiderind” from our region is brought up in spring the higher regions, where they go freely up the mountains until there is no grass anymore. In the end of summer before the first snow they are brought back with the Viehscheid to the lowlands. And end up on the plate, bon appetit.

2 thoughts on “Rib Eye Steaks

  1. Jenny

    Hi Alex, I just wonder who your local butcher is. The herbs also catched my eye. Yammy, I can even smell the taste. I browsed through your blog – wow, you take really good pictures! Though writing in English, my roots are also in Southern Bavaria. I like your links to the “Braunvieh” and the “Viehscheid”. Soon they will get out of the barn and our special “Allgäuer” smell finally returns after such a long, long winter. The smell of home. Funny, isn’t it. We really got a lot of “Braunvieh” in the “Allgäuer region”. Have a good time! Servus und Pfiat’ Di, Jenny

    1. Alex Post author

      Hello Jenny, it was Kleiber here in Lindau. Actually the steaks were good but somehow I prefere another source, less fancy but better. By tomorrow spring starts with +20 C at the lake, incl. the tourist season unfortunately.


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