Nintendo Gameboy – Tetris

Nintendo Gameboy front view Nintendo Gameboy controls Nintendo Gameboy - game slot Nintendo Gameboy - nintendo logo Nintendo Gameboy - Tetris design program concept by alexy pazhitnov Nintendo Gameboy - Tetris how many players Nintendo Gameboy - Tetris game over Nintendo Gameboy - Tetris highscore screen

Nintendo Gameboy – Tetris:
Who do not remember the tune of Tetris? How often did you battle against someone and a nasty smile crossed your face when “bam” 4 lines went so your opponent (sister, brother, friend …). Do you still know the name of the inventor, programmer, designer of Tetris ? It was Alexey Pazhitnov / Alexy Pajitnov it was shown on every start of the game. The Gameboy is nearly 25 years old, the batteries still work and the gameboy and the game as well. Just the highscore sucked.

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