Held Vodka – Berlin 1921

Held Vodka Berlin 1921 - vorsicht glas Held Vodka Berlin 1921 sailor jerry box design Held Vodka Berlin 1921 box design Held Vodka Berlin 1921 packaging Held Vodka Berlin 1921 gift card dr. love Held Vodka Berlin 1921 logo Held Vodka Berlin 1921 logo Held Vodka Berlin 1921 bottleHeld Vodka Berlin since 1921 – Medicine by Dr. Love!
Thanks to Alex aka. Dr. Love for sending me something of his “medicine”! What a great packaging and the true and witty words on the postcard.

Held Vodka from Berlin made there since 1921. Read their story below. My story with Held Vodka will be told after the Vodka got some rest and being used to cure “maladies” with some friends. We will enjoy for sure. If it tastes just half as good as it looks, it will be a great tasting for sure. cu soon!

The Meisner family founded their brewery and spirit factory in Upper Silesia in 1906. In 1921, the Berlin residents of the family developed the recipe for Held Vodka.

It was the beginning of the “Roaring Twenties”. Held Vodka was distilled and sold in small amounts from a backyard in Berlin for many years. When the wild times of the twenties came to an end, the recipe was put on the shelf.

In the war years of 1944/45, the Meisner family fled with their entire knowledge via Hamburg to Heide in Schleswig-Holstein. After re-founding the Robert Meisner Spirit and Liqueur Factory there in 1952, they have continued to produce regional spirits successfully.

In 2005, through a fortunate coincidence, two “Berliners by choice” approached the Meisner family with the idea of re-launching Held Vodka. So, the Held Vodka renaissance began, following the original Berlin recipe.

According to the 1921 tradition, the primary raw material is sugar beet mash, triple distilled and specially filtered. Held Vodka is pure and unadulterated, therefore perfect to enjoy straight and un-chilled.

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