VMC Zürich

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Actually it was overdue to finally visit Roger Hatt and his Crew at his store in Zürich. Close in the centre (Rindermarkt) the shop is easy to find. We had about an hour talk with Roger Hatt alone. Even if it was just half an hour the words he spoke were packed with stories about his store, philosophy, japanese culture and the way to run a shop he does, with no less than 10 employes. To sell some of the finest products it needs not just a showroom it needs dedicated/motivated salesman and saleswoman. He got them and he got a lot of them e.g. Fredy works there since 23 years. They make sure you get what you want/need with the perfect fit.

One of the stories Roger told us, was that some of the greatest moments within the shop is when you manage to bring a Top Manager buying a pair of classic brogues (did he say Allen Edmonds or Alden I do not remember – whatever) and a skater buying a pair of converse together in his shop and having a chat. That´s what makes this shop so special. There, you you just don´t not rush in. Things “hidden” there are waiting for you and he and his staff makes the search for it a pleasant experience. So the sign “no self service” is actually ment to support and to service YOU.

And one last word, we – Feinschmuck are very proud to be one of the selected brands there.

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