Traditional pewter flasks covered in leather

leather covered flask pewter initials monogrammed lettersleather covered flask pewter initials code of armsleather covered flask pewter initials stählemühleleather covered flask pewter initials monogrammed letters (1)leather covered flask pewter soloshof bespoke hunting custom madeleather covered flask pewter bespoke hunting custom madeleather covered flask pewter bespoke jay feather hunting trophyleather covered flask pewter bespokeTraditional pewter flasks covered in leather

I want to show some of my flasks or hipflasks I did within the last few years at my Manufaktur“. I started to craft them right from the beginning around 2014. Some friends wanted to go on a winter snowshoe trip (I could not join) without any flask. So I gave them mine. They had a fabulous trip but the return of the flask was delayed. So I took one of the standard Chinese metal flasks and wrapped it in leather to have a replacement for my other. Christmas came 2014 and a lot of people wanted one as a present as well. I did the orders but I never liked the idea to work with such a mass product. They had no soul and on most of them is either the cap, the cap keeper or both out of plated plastic. (put your lips on it you feel it´s way warmer than the metal).

So I quit crafting them until I luckily found the traditional pewter ones made in England. 

During the following years I made quite a few of them. I really like the aspects of enjoying/sharing some spirit with friends and family to special occasions. I especially like the real unique ones. Either the one which were made for two brothers with their code of arms, with antique naval buttons, or french hunting buttons, with collected feathers underneath or special sayings on them. Probably the biggest success was to work for some years with Christoph Keller – Stählemühle (Monkey47) and craft for him the “Sozius”.

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