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I / we walked the line – cross country skiing

cross country skiing allgaeu hagspiel with lada nina SUVcross country skiing allgaeu hagspiel cross country skiing allgaeu hagspiel scheidegg cross country skiing allgaeu hagspiel 80th outfitcross country skiing allgaeu traditional gentleman outfitcross country skiing allgaeu sundowner lonely treeCross country skiing in Scheidegg / Hagspiel, the Allgäu region:
This weekend we rented cross country skies and did something totally irresponsible. We just took the stuff and went to a cross country run, no instruction, no certificate, we just went. And we came back safe. Yes it´s possible.

The activity itself is probably for people 50++ but it´s great fun. Some pro´s on the run/tack have their skies and there equipment and cloth since decades so be aware to se lots or unique retro pieces.

The if you do not start skating and only go traditionally the activity is quite easy. I would rate it between walking and running. The only danger is when you go downhill and the race/track is suddenly gone. The feeling trying to get some grip or control over these small skis is comparable to Bambi´s fist steps after birth.

Overall very relaxing, no ski lifts, no traffic jam and the driving time is only 20 minutes. Away from the lake and a bit up in the backcountry.