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Heuer 510 501 chrono watch with nato strap

Heuer 510 501 chrono watch with nato strap:
Given to me by my father around 20 years ago, about the time when I served at the army. I beat the cap out of it – damaged the original black metal band, never realized how expensive and actually nice this watch is. At this time, of course it had to have a camouflaged watchband which could be closed to avoid reflections from the watch glass.  I was always a bit pissed off be-cause the chrono lost 5 minutes after a week.

This watch was for a long time forgotten in the basement, but worked fine with just some shakes and this after about 15 years of rest. I replaced the camouflaged strap with a bit more civil looking one. I know the glass should be replaced, but right now I think it add´s to  it´s characteristic.

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