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Morocco – Casablanca, Fez and Marrakech

tannery fez morocco

camel head in a moroccan butcher stall

kasbah morocco

morocan kasbah

moroccan tajinemoroccan cous cousMorocco – Casablanca, Fez and Marrakech:
Right after christmas we went to Morocco, on the way there we were hosted by good friends in Madrid for one night and on the 26th of december we arrived in Casablanca. Traveling via train to Fez we soon were astonished how green actually Morocco is (winter ?). Fez is probably the most breathtaking market I have seen so far, just try to get lost and leave the main alleys and you feel like you are in the middle age.  Unfortunately on this trip my camera got stolen and only the images on the backup camera are available (operated by Maria, thanks!). But I hope the images get you a bit of a feeling how oriental Morocco still is. The food was great, the people really friendly and helpful and at some places you really think time stood still for a couple of hundred years. Sure at tourist hotspots you will witness all the comfort and uncomfort created by, be-cause and for them.  But we will come back to go in the desert region and have a more detailed look in the atlas mountains.