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Julius von Bismarck

julius von bismarck fulguratorFuehlometer-provinz 2010 uli kaiserJulius von Bismarck punishmentjulius von Bismarck - punishmentjulius von Bismarck - punishmentJulius von Bismarck:
2010 we had Julius von Bismarck in Lindau while he took part in the Provinz 2010 art project. Yesterday I read an article about his new project “punishment” shown in the art gallery Alexander Levy.

While in Lindau 2010, Julius created with Benjamin Maus und Richard Wilhelmer the Smiley on the Lighthouse who changed his mood by analyzing the faces of the pedestrians at the harbour (the fühlometer).

Another great invention is his Fulgurator, a camera who projects images via a flash trough its lens in response of other flashs. This results in the desired image is shown on the images of the photographer “who flashed” to take a picture. Hard to explain and understand but watch his youtube video to understand the witty apparatus.

(c) of the images by Julius von Bismarck, Alexander Levy, Uli Kaiser