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Straight Razor – my first strop!

straight razor stromp - leather side a bit fucked upstraight razor stromp handlestraight razor stromp the rougher green side

Straight Razor – my first strop!
About 2 years ago I bought my first strop to hone/sharpen my straight razors. There are some fancy 100 Euro + models out there and my first thoughts were, you got it for decades so – spent the money. On the other side I wasn´t sure If straight razors would be my thing.

Luckily I went for a relatively cheap one. It´s not that I stoped to straight razor shave, but  as a beginner you cut the leather so easily. In most tutorials or movies they strp very fast, which makes absolutely no sense esp. if you are not a “master” in it. Just go about 20 times slowly with hardly any pressure over the leather, thats it.

And at the beginning you are a bit nervous or let me say not so focused. So making a false movement with the blade is done so quickly. So my advice is, save the money and buy a nice one after you ruined the first one.

I guess in about a year, I´m ready to buy something more appropriate for my razors. But in ne meantime, this one serves me well.

Here a well made video for how to use the strap/strop.