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Montfort Mühle goes Stelzenmühle

Monfort Mehle Karge Langenargen - Stelzenmühle salt and pepper swiss army backpack loadedMonfort Mehle Karge Langenargen - Stelzenmühle bought 20 kg of flourMonfort Mehle Karge Langenargen - Stelzenmühle homemade breadMonfort Mehle Karge Langenargen - Stelzenmühle homemade bread detailMontfort Mühle goes Stelzenmühle:
The small and family run Montfort Mühle in Langenargen was mostly my source for the flour of my bread. Unfortunately the mill needs an overhaul but due to lack of funds they stopped the mill. A college stepped in also from the region the Stelzenmühle. A sad story wich shows how hard it is to survive with “products” which need taste and understanding for a higher price as from a discounter. Already the amount of small bakerys in my area dropped to two, which was around ten only 20 years ago.

Even knowing that the mill is out of service I decided to ride my bike for about 12km one way to load my bigger Swiss Army Backpack with 20kg of flour. I think it is important to support this small run business.

It was worth it check out the result from this fine flour – what a loaf of bread!