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Straight Razor – hair test

Straight Razor – hair test:

To check the sharpness of your straight razor simply grab the hair with the hair root facing the palm/floor and the thinner end towards the sky. If you have no decent long hair for this test – have a look at the other half of your bed you should be able to find some from a/your lady. Gently move down the hair to the razor blade and you should hear the “pling”. If not grap the hair either a bit more to the end and give it more weight for the blade or turn it around. If still not successful give it to an expert for a resharpening and let him teach you of how to keep it sharp with the leather stromp. I read the blade should last for about 1000 shaves before a resharpening is needed again. So give it a try for the full joy of a clean shave rather than a “ripping of the hair feeling”.