Remains of a Wulf´s breakfast

Remains of a wulf´s breakfast1Remains of a wulf´s breakfastRemains of a Wulf´s breakfast:
I will not post the location here (I do not want to scare someone away (coming here by a search term) who plans to go in this wonderful area). But if you read my blog regularly you already know where it might be.

So one evening I was told by an old man who lives in one village only during the summer time that he saw a young “Lupo“. He was talking only italian the whole time but “Lupo” i could definitely figure out and asked again later and he pointed upward the hill. I wasn´t sure what to think about his observation but the next day when we walked early in the morning on a path and found this forearm of a deer I remembered his story. Im not 100% sure if this deer died of a wulf but other options I checked and couldn´t find another reason. The other skeletton of a deer we found on a less walked trek and this one was for sure a bit older. But the leg looked really fresh to me. Remembering Jack London I could calm myself and Maria down that wulfs do not go after humans and if – only in wintertimes when they are close to starved to death.

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